This blog is written mainly to have a reason to do research and to document the progress in the hope it will be useful for the audience. I expect to benefit from this blog by getting in touch with like-minded people and receiving feedback about the topics.

My background is in computer science and engineering with an MSc in Human Media Interaction and with four-year experience as a Drupal developer with experience in enterprise solution architecture for the Open Social distribution. At the beginning of 2018, I started my own company: “” to help private tutors in the Netherlands to grow their business with an online platform.

Besides technical and business topics I have an interest in science, ethics, and philosophy. I believe we live in an interesting period in history where exponential progress has a major impact on how we conduct our lives and that our societal systems and values are evolving. Furthermore, I also have practical interests on how to be more productive and motivated, eat healthily and lose weight, raise kids, and to improve various aspects of my life.

Thanks for reading and please participate in the comments, Twitter or writing an email to I am available for freelance work so please contact me if you need some help with a project.

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