Hi reader,

Ads are annoying and any technical person with a bit of self-worth has installed an Adblocker.

Unfortunately, my primary audience is technical people working with software and there are no other ways for me to monetize my articles besides advertisement. Mainly, because I write about a whole spectrum of topics. Therefore, I decided to make it mandatory to whitelist this website’s domain on your adblocker. For uBlock, this is done by clicking the big power button on the extension. When you disabled the adblocker you have access to the full content of all articles.

For the short term, this sucks for you because you have to make the choice to either leave the website and not read the article or allow some non-intrusive advertisements powered by Google. Of course, you still get to decide to click on them when you see something you like which generates revenue for this blog. For the long term, the upside is that more articles will be written and with higher quality because I can justify dedicating more effort on writing articles.

Thanks for understanding and I hope to see you on the article after disabling your adblocker (you can use the previous page on your browser to navigate back),